Bekum America debuts the BM-606D Machine at NPE 2012


Bekums NPE 2012 demonstration of the double-station BM-606D showcases fully automated production of a large 10-liter F-style handleware bottle at impressive rates.

Bekum continues its focus on sustainability through source reduction. With specialized container design and mold construction, a 15% bottle weight reduction from the current industry standard is achieved. As a bonus, this light weighting is accomplished utilizing a truly Green Polyethylene from Braskem the only example of this resin that was visible at NPE 2012 in extrusion blow molding.

The combination of Bekums technical expertise in the entire machine manufacturing process and Braskems cutting-edge sustainable polymer was truly one of the cant miss demonstrations at NPE 2012.


The BM-606D is the latest member of Bekum Americas proven range of fully automated, high speed shuttle machines. Two (2) BM-606D machines have been recently supplied to a major consumer products company for the high output production of automotive care products and are already in efficient & reliable around-the-clock production with annual outputs exceeding 26 million bottles.

Our decision to demonstrate the double-sided BM-606D in Orlando was based on the unique balance of this machines generous clamp dimensions and high clamping force without foregoing the speed and flexibility required for the production of a broad range of bottles, canisters, or technical parts for custom blow molders as well as dedicated production runs.

The BM-606D incorporates outstanding technical specifications maintaining the traditional advantages of Bekum shuttle machines.

Traditional Advantages:

  • Precise calibrated neck finishes eliminating secondary finishing
  • In-machine deflashing
  • Oriented bottle discharge to one side of the machine
  • Ease of operation and adjustment
  • Quick mold change system
  • Multi-layer compatibility
  • IML compatibility
  • Compact machine footprint

Key Technical Specifications:

  • Maximum mold width: 650mm
  • Mold clamping force: 200 KN (22.4 U.S. tons)
  • Dry cycle time: 3.4 seconds

NPE 2012 Demonstration:

  • 2-parison, 4-cavity production of a 10-liter F-Style bottle with 63mm RIEKE neck finish
  • Demonstrated Nominal Output: over 6 million, 10-liter handled bottles/year
  • This unique bottle has been specifically designed for light-weighting (up to 15%) with extensive use of structural ribbing for column strength
  • Bekums NPE 2012 demonstration will include the exclusive Extrusion Blow Molding processing of Green Polyethylene from Braskem

Bekums customer support services are recognized worldwide. Its product development, after-sales service engineers and spare parts technicians are fully focused on providing customer support by responding quickly with effective problem-solving solutions.

From machine design, construction, and process development through project start-up and operator training at the customers plant and superior equipment performance over time, Bekum provides its customers with solutions to meet all their extrusion blow molding needs.

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