Machine Controls Upgrades

Field Retrofit your existing Bekum blow molding machines with new controls and safety upgrades for ANSI/SPI B151.31-2014 compliance.

Our machine controls are designed to increase safety and efficiency!
Revitalize your Bekum with updated controls, including:

What’s New?

  • Large 15” touch screen display
  • Industrial VPN router for remote connective.
  • Alarm and set point change history screen for improved troubleshooting capabilities
  • Lockout/tagout disconnects for hydraulic pump and pneumatic supply
  • Cabinet cooling via chilled water heat exchanger and fan, with alarm


  • Compliance to latest ANSI standards
  • Factory warranty
  • Factory documentation
  • Guaranteed continued support for the next 10 years
  • Cost saving potential due to remote diagnosis vs. service trip
  • Reduced downtime with new wiring