Not just for reciprocating screw machines anymore!

Bekum technologies bring advantages to the dairy market traditionally not available on reciprocating screw machinery, including:

Tandem Blow
  • Tandem blow allows for high production throughputs, up to 150 million bottles per year (40 cavities)
  • Excellent parison programming control of continuous extrusion machines gives the opportunity of lightweighting
  • In machine finishing, including blow dome removal is possible
  • All while maintaining the proven flexibility of a shuttle machine on a small footprint
  • Up to 6 layers are possible allowing:

    • Extended shelf life
    • Oxygen barriers
    • Improved recycling
    • Cost reduction with fillers
    • UV and light protection
    • Flavor and odor barriers

Aseptic Food and Dairy Packaging
  • Bottles can be blown with sterile air and hermetically sealed in the machine and trimmed at the filler eliminating a costly cleaning operation

Bekum’s Dairy Machinery Solutions