Personal Care

With thousands of Bekum machines running Personal Care bottles in 24/7 production,
let us use our expertise to come up with the right solution for you!

Bekum has the technology that fits perfectly with the needs of the personal care market including:

  • Fast flexible machines with quick changeover features
  • Single and Double sided machines to fit your production requirements
  • Long stroke machines for high production outputs
  • 2 layer Co-Extrusion allows for savings of expensive soft touch materials and colorants as they only are used in the outer layer
  • 3 layer Co-Extrusion systems save on colorants and can enhance recycling by burying PCR and regrind in the center layer
  • 100 point parison programming for optimal material distribution and light weighting
  • Calibrated neck finishes up to 63mm
  • Full Automation
  • Optional IML (In Mold Labeling)
  • All electric options for energy savings
  • Compact footprint

Bekum’s Proven Personal Care Production Machinery Solutions: