For the production of jerry cans/canisters, L-ring drums, IBC, automotive fuel tanks, air ducts, and spoilers, the industrial BA-Series blow molding machines from Bekum are excellent solutions.

The machines of the BA Series offer both continuous and discontinuous extrusion of complex resins, extremely precise, high tonnage clamping systems, and full automation in mono-layer and co-extrusion.

Single Station Machines-BA-25BA-34.2BA-62BA-62SBA-220BA-330BA-440
Double Station Machines--BA-34.2D-----
Mold Widthmm6907009001000122015001550
Mold Lengthmm630100013001400170018002900
Mold Depthmm2x2502x2502x2502x3502x3502x4002x500
Mold Daylightmm390590900900145017001900
Clamp ForceU.S. Tons22.53769.484151.2168225